Did you know that the Portola Springs Community Association chartered an Emergency Preparedness Committee in December 2019? The committee officers are graduates of the Irvine Police Department’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program, and I am the chair of the committee.

We have a web site, and we are maintaining a page of links to official sources of accurate information about COVID-19 that I recommend everyone in our community follow closely: https://www.portolaspringscert.org/covid-19.

There is misinformation out there, and it is important to devote your attention to official sources of accurate information during this time.

Current events are a reminder that disaster can strike at any time. We look forward to helping you prepare you and your family for all types of hazards to make our Portola Springs community resilient in a disaster. We hope you find these resources valuable, take a few minutes to explore the rest of our website and consider joining one of our various teams for future preparedness efforts.

In the meantime – follow official sources of information, stay safe, use common sense, help each other and we will get through this together.