Please take a moment to review the following from the Crime Prevention Unit at the Irvine Police Department.

What does it mean to Be Vigilant?
The phrase “be vigilant” is used quite often when advising individuals and communities on certain techniques to stay safe; but what does it really mean, and how can you easily put it into practice?

To be vigilant means to be aware of your surroundings, look out for yourself and others, and anticipate outcomes. The more you notice people and things around you, the more likely you are to stay safe and to contribute to the safety of your community. All together, these actions create your level of situational awareness.

Listed below are a few ways you can practice being vigilant and improve your situational awareness.

  • Keep an Eye Out in Your Neighborhood
  • When walking or driving around your neighborhood, greet your neighbors and look out for any suspicious activity such as people peering in windows, trespassing, or loitering.
  • If you know a neighbor is out of town, help watch out for their home and immediately report anyone who is not supposed to be there.
  • Promptly report suspicious vehicles that are parked somewhere they aren’t supposed to be in your neighborhood.
  • What does suspicious look like? Remember that reasonable suspicion should come from suspicious actions, not from suspicious appearance alone. Look out for suspicious behavior that may warrant concern and contact the police department in order for officers to respond and verify identity and legitimate reason for being in the neighborhood.
  •  Trust your feelings. If something does not seem right, report it immediately by calling the Irvine Police Department non-emergency line at 949-724-7200. If it is an emergency or crime in progress, call 911.

    Practice Your Situational Awareness Skills:

  • Identify elements around you as you go about your day. See if you can find something new in your surroundings that you never noticed before.
  • Test your ability to memorize a scene. Give yourself 30 seconds to look at your surroundings and then look away or go to another room. Make a list or draw a diagram of everything you remember and see how accurate you were.
  • Play a game with your family and friends while walking or driving. Pick an individual or a vehicle that you pass and see what details you can remember. Clothing, height, weight, hair style, and facial hair. Any identifiable scars, marks, or tattoos? What type of vehicle, make, model, and color were they using? What direction were they headed in their vehicle or on foot?

All of these practices can help you stay vigilant, be alert, and participate in maintaining the safety of your community. For more information on being vigilant and personal safety, please visit

If you believe you have experienced theft, please contact the Irvine Police Department at their non emergency line or report it through this link