The chlorine crisis has compounded at this point. The supply is nearly depleted for private pools. This will not get better before it gets worse. If the supply comes back online, municipal pools and similar will be at the top of the list. Liquid chlorine is no longer available due to drinking water treatment, etc. for private pools like Portola Springs. We are now required to mix powder chlorine in the place of liquid chlorine.

We will be closing 6 of the community pools at this time and will be posting signs when officially closed. The Board is working on alternatives to chlorine, like we have at Lomas Valley and Silverado. The machines at those sites generate their own chlorine. With that said, we can maintain 3 other pools with powder chlorine, until that supply is depleted. Our plan is to have the alternative in place before full closures become required. We will be moving up approved repairs (originally planned for the Fall) to complete during the closures. This played a part in which pools will remain open. Further, we designated pools to service each Enclave when making the decision regarding the closures.

Pools that will remain open-Lomas Valley (services Enclave 1 and 6) and Silverado (services Enclave 2) generate their own chlorine due to the NexGen System.

Highland (services Enclave 5A and 5B), Round Canyon (services Enclave 4A and 4B), Greenfield (services Enclave 3)

All other pools will remain closed until further notice. Please know that we did not arrive at this decision easily, and the nationwide chlorine shortage is plaguing everyone, not just Portola Springs.