Thank you for your patience as we have navigated the COVID-19 restrictions on the community facilities. We are pleased to announce that the City of Irvine has released an official statement that we are now authorized to re-open the facilities under certain restrictions. Please note that at this time, the playgrounds and picnic areas remain closed. The Board of Directors met in May during a special open meeting to determine the best plan of action for the community of Portola Springs. At that time, they approved the Integrated Facility Reopening Plan. Please take a moment to review the new policy to this notification.

FAQ and What You Need to Know

Q: When will the pools open?
A: Monday, June 15, 2020

Q: What are the hours the pools are open?
A: 6 AM until 6 PM

Q: Which locations are open?
A: Lomas Valley-95 Ranchland, Greenfield-155 Walkingstick, Orchard View-292 Borrego

Q: What is the reservation capacity for each location, per shift?
A: Each pool has an individual sign-up sheet and the slots per location are based on capacity.

Q: How do I make a reservation?
A: Please visit the LINK BELOW for the location for which you wish to make a reservation. You can make one reservation per day, for only one location. The reservation link for the next day will be released no later than noon the day before, and will close at 5 PM. At this time, we are unable to take same day reservations. For weekends and Mondays, the schedule will be available by Friday at noon (with the exception of the first schedule release on 6/12). Reservations are required for open swim AND lap swimming. For added security, the access code for the reservations is PORTOLA

Q: How many people can enter the pool for one reservation?
A: One reservation allows up to 6 people per household to enter the pool during the reserved time slot.

Q: Can I have guests if my household is smaller than 6 people?
A: At this time, no guests are permitted, and the reservation is for your household members only. The pools at this time are for swimming only and social gatherings are not permitted in this phase.

Q: How is the pool set up to allow for social distancing?
A: When you enter the pool, you will see a green X for each area that you may place your chairs to allow for 6 feet of social distancing. We ask that each group observe the spacing when utilizing the deck.

Q: Will I need to do anything special to enter the pool once I have made a reservation?
A: Each household will be required to sign a waiver which will be held on file. The waiver confirms that you are aware of the recommendations and risks related to entering the pool facility. The waiver will only need to be signed once. It is available on-line or in person when you enter during your reservation.

Q: What can I expect when using the facilities under these temporary changes?
A: All pool furniture has been removed, and the barbecue areas are currently closed. Additionally, the wader and spa are closed during this first phase of the reopening. In between swim shifts, the railings, showers, restrooms and main touch points will be sanitized. After each swim shift, the pool will be cleared out completely to allow for this cleaning and the entry of the next group.

Q: When do I need to exit the pool when the session concludes?
A: As soon as the session ends, you must have exited the pool. Please allow time to use the facilities and showers if necessary, before the end of your shift. The pool needs to be cleared for cleaning so we need everyone out of the facility by the end of the shift.

Q: Do I need my key fob to enter the pool?
A: Yes, your key fob along with your reservation is required prior to entry into the facility.

Q: Do I need to bring my own chairs?
A: Yes, please bring seating for each of the members in your household if you choose. The umbrellas will still be available on the deck, as well as the cabanas at the Lomas Valley location.

Q: When will the pools return to regular operation?
A: The Board is monitoring this fluid situation daily and will make adjustments as needed.

If you have any questions, please email Kara Foley at

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