During the special meeting held on November 8, 2021, to approve the Sage I and II and Garden Hill
Cost Center 2022 draft budget, the Board reviewed the financial state of the community as a whole.
Understandably, increased contract costs, inflation, minimum wage increases, and the unexpected
costs related to the pandemic and chlorine crisis have resulted in substantial increases for operating
the community. With that in mind, the Board has reviewed operating costs and found that select line
items should be reduced to improve the overall financial health of the Association.

Historically, the Association has only heated 3-4 pools through the winter. While the Board had hoped to heat all 11 pools through the winter this year, it has made the determination to return to the prior practice of only heating 4 pools. In addition, the Board is pausing 2022 social event spending and reducing patrol coverage and hours. Furthermore, the Board is in the process of bidding out contracts to streamline scopes of work with the goal of limiting vendor cost increases in this inflationary environment.

While we understand that some of these adjustments are frustrating, they are necessary. The primary task of an Association, through its Board of Directors, is to maintain, repair and replace the common areas, which protects the property values of its members. The Board will continue to closely monitor the financial state of the Master Association and make adjustments when possible. We invite you to attend the December Board Meeting if you seek further clarification or wish to share feedback directly with the Board.

As the Board carefully reviews the impact of unprecedented maintenance and service increases on
assessments, we will be soliciting membership feedback to ensure we carefully manage budget
constraints with the competing needs and desires of the membership.