It has been brought to our attention that the postal delivery for Portola Springs has been impacted. From feedback we have received from homeowners, the delivery person for Enclave 1 (near Lomas Valley) has decided to not deliver mail if there is a car blocking the mailboxes. Since the City of Irvine manages the public streets, we recommend the following:

1. Report the parking issues to the City of Irvine and Irvine PD for enforcement.

2. Contact the USPS hub at Sand Canyon and lodge a complaint that the driver should exit the vehicle to make the delivery as they do for the cluster mailboxes throughout the community, and have done for the last 14 years. Especially since there is no indication or signage that a vehicle cannot park in front of the mailboxes.

3. Please kindly park in other areas of the street that are free of mailboxes whenever possible.