Pool Use Reminders

Please remember to shower before entering the pool. There are restrooms located at each pool location. Please remind everyone in your group to utilize these facilities and not to relieve themselves inside the pool.

As the summer season is approaching, please remember that pool parties are not permitted and you are allowed up to a maximum of 10 guests in the pool area. Please be respectful of lap swimmers as well.

Please Don’t Litter

We are seeing an increase in trash throughout the community. Please take the time to dispose of your trash in proper receptacles. Preventing litter is everyone’s responsibility and helps to keep the community looking beautiful.

When the Association uses additional resources to remove litter, it causes contracts to increase, and therefore could raise your assessments. Please do your part!

Garage Theft Warning from Irvine Police Department

Officer Hollenbeck with Irvine PD wanted to communicate to all homeowners about thefts from garages in Portola Springs. Recent thefts have occurred from unlocked and/or open garages, and these thefts could be avoided if everyone closes and locks their doors! Most of these thefts are occurring during the early morning hours, before 7AM.

If you have any questions about this update, please feel free to contact Irvine PD directly.

Important Reminders

Cigarette Butts

Cigarette ButtsPlease do not discard cigarette or cigar butts into common area planters or over shared walls. It is illegal to litter and very unsafe with the susceptibility of fires and dry weather conditions.



Pet Waste

Pick up after your dog!Please do not allow your dog to relieve itself on someone else’s property. Also, when a dog urinates on the plant material or grass, if the area is not diluted with water, the plant material or grass will burn and leave yellow spots. Please be a responsible pet owner and remove pet waste and carry a water bottle to dilute the urine. And please walk your animals away from your neighbors’ property.